How to use a Water Bong!

Water bong is a filtration apparatus designed for smoking tobacco or other smokable products. It is claimed to be one of the cleanest and smoothest ways for smoking. It might look trickier at first glimpse but it’s not as hard as it looks. Below mention steps will guide you on how to use a Water bong properly.

Step 1 - Add cold water to the bong. Cold water is used for cooling down the smoke so that more smoke can be inhaled. Also, you can fill your bong with ice cubes and add little water. The drying effect of smoke makes people cough and therefore some users choose hot water instead as the steam helps carry moisture into the lungs.

Step 2 - Check the water levels. It is crucial that the water isn’t too high or else it will spill out of the carb while you bend to take a hit. On the other side, it should be deep enough (3 inches above the bottom of your slider) to completely filter your smoke. Water filtration process makes the smoke smoother and hence easier to inhale.

Step 3 - Fill up the bowl with your smoking material such that it wouldn’t fall out. Try to put as much material in your bowl as possible with medium-tight consistency (leaving some voids) to pull air through it with each inhale.

Step 4 - Hold the bong with a tight grip using your one hand and place your thumb onto the carb (a small hole normally located on the side of your bong). Relax and take a seat resting the bong on your stomach (or on your chest area) depending on the size of your bong.

Step 5 - Place your mouth against the opening forming a seal with your lips making sure the entire opining is covered. It’s not recommended to put bong in your mouth.

Step 6 - Light up your bowl using a lighter and inhale simultaneously. The glass chamber should fill up with thick smoke. Keep inhaling until you feel enough smoke has filled the chamber. Uncover the carb inhaling all the smoke. If this is your first time, coughing is normal. If you feel a cough coming, pull your mouth away from bong as coughing in the bong will result in spilling out your smoking material from the bowl.

Step 7 -  Relax and enjoy your smoking by repeating steps 4-6. Smoking the remaining bits of your mix might get trickier sometimes. Simply make your bowl airtight using a lighter side and inhale through the opening.

Tips - If you are smoking with your mates, it’s not advised to put bong in your mouth. Simply seal the opening with your lips. Always pass the lighter with the water bong. This helps keep track of it because you don’t want to ruin the fun of smoking by searching lighter.

If this is your first time, don’t inhale the smoke as hard as experienced smokers. If you cough and experience unpleasant feeling in chest, breathe deeply some fresh air which will take away the pain and cough.


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